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Aim & Objectives


Alphonsa High School is a co-educational minority institution managed by the sister of the Franciscan Clarist Congregation (FCC).
The school aims at the total development of a student to discover his/her God-given potentials and talents - physical, moral, spritual, intellectual, psychological and emotional gifts to place him/her at the service of society. It is concerned with forming a moral conscience that is capable of discerning what is good and choosing it. The principles of universal brotherhood necessitating the acceptance of God as the prime source of all shall become its internal motivation and final goal.
Spritual values are instilled into our students to help them develop into mature persons who are able to achieve harmonious integration between religion and life. It should enable the human person to contribute towards a harmonious world with values of justice, love, truth, tolerance, compassion and thereby become a channel of peace and joy to family, the nation and the world. It imparts an appreciation of the Indian heritage and enables the students to imbibe its culture and ethos for building a harmonious society irrespective of faith, language, caste and class and at the same time to remain open to the positive elements of other cultures.
Admission is open to all regardless of caste, creed and social status. The boys and girls of two and a half to three and a half are admitted to Nursery and three and a half to four and a half years of age to Lower KG. The child should be introduced by the parents/ guardians. Birth certificate is compulsory for the admission into Class I. The date of birth entered in the application form will in no case be altered.

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